/ICTC TRUSS/The Light Duty Aluminum Truss SN289*289mm

SN289x289 SERIES /Aluminum Square Truss /Light Duty Truss

This is a popular model,which is designed as a light duty truss system in the installation,rental and exhibition markets thaldesire strength and flexibility as well as compactness. One of our light truss series is highly successfuin the display,shop-fitting,exhibitiointerior decoration and architecturadesign markets. And it has ladder,triangle and square three differentversions. It is often used in shop,display studio and grid showroom . The main characteristics are compactness, strength, versatility,low unit weight, and easy assemblywith our box corner system.


Length:0.5m/1m/1.5m/1.8m/2m/3m/4m,the size and the colour can as customer request.


①Light duty aluminum truss:220*220mm、289*289mm、300*300mm

②Middle duty aluminum truss:389*389mm、400*400mm、450*450mm

③Larger duty aluminum truss:400*600mm,500*600mm、520*760mm、600*760mm、600*1100mm、700*1100mm


The SN289*289mm aluminum square truss can hanging LED screen, lights, speakers and other indoor or outdoor activities, concerts, exhibitions.


Our truss surface treatment can be divided into: galvanized (silver gray), spray (various colors), spray paint (various colors). To meet the diverse needs of different customers for truss appearance .


Size: 289mmx289mm

Main Tube: 50mmx2mm

Sub-main Tube:20mmx2mm

Brace Tube: 20mmx2mm

Material: Aluminum 6082-T6


Usage:to hang up lights and LED, screen for truss frame

Truss system: to hold events( for light, LED, speaker, audio, and so on)。


Successful Project

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Thanks for the efforts of our skillful workers, included profession design and responsible QC team, making us keep very good product quality, quickly new products undate and stable products supply. We have established long-term business relations with different countries around the world. We do have the confidence to provide our clients the latest products with high quality, competitive price and fast delivery.


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