• 【ICTC TRUSS】12 Channel Power Case HWP-1202

    STANDARD POWSUM 12 I POWER BOX >Elegant appearance,flexible and portbale flight case design >From 6~30U standard case can be customized >Input type can be customized >Concise and direct reading digital display voltmeter >Self-locking function when the current is too high,Rhino plug...
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  • 【ICTC TRUSS】The Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show

    Event: China Airshow Date: 6 – 11 November 2018 Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong Participation: Holland Pavilio Watching The worlds Top Flight Show From the First Angle of View. ICTC is a great pleasure to participate in the Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show .   Airshow China is the only internatio...
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  • 【ICTC TRUSS】Foldable truss FN1000x580 loading tset

    【ICTC TRUSS】Foldable truss FN1000x580 loading tset

    ICTC TRUSS always believe that bright future comes from excellent quality.The security and funtionality of the product is the core of our design philosophy. All of our management is according to ISO9001 quality control system.We promise to give our clients the best quality ,that’s why we ch...
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  • Led hanger system

    Led hanger system

    As picture shown, it was the wedding preparation site of a wedding theme hotel in Datong, Shanxi. Our company ICTC led hanger system was using in it. Imaging the beautiful bride was under the brilliant lighting, slowing down from the sky, just like in a fairy, so romantic. The technical parameter...
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  • Guangdong colleague of industry and commerce evening party

    Guangdong colleague of industry and commerce evening party

    After many days preparation, the New Year’s Day party <<China dream•Youth•colleague dream>> which was held by Guangdong colleague of industry and commerce, was successfully finished on Dec30th. All the layer trusses and stages were provided by our companuy. The stage is steel assembly...
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  • 【ICTC】2015 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show

    【ICTC】2015 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show

    We hereby sincercly invite you to visit our booth at Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall from April 1st to 4th ,2015 Booth No.:6A-01A  
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  • 【ICTC】2015 《RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook》Concert of Guangzhou

    【ICTC】2015 《RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook》Concert of Guangzhou

    《RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook》concert of Guangzhou station was held in Guangzhou Gymnasium On April 11th, 2015 After several days’s hard word,the stage structure model has been set up by our technicians. For this cencert:the aluminum truss,layer truss and the stage are all provided by our...
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