The elevating stage

升  降舞台



The elevating stage is the most commonly used product of

the stage.Its main function is to move the scenery and

actors up and down when the scene is changed.In

addition ,in order to highlight the main actors ,the stage

will rise slowly and the actors will dance on the stage,

creating ups and downs on the stage.At the same time,the

rise and fall of the stage can also increase the

performance effect.


The function of lifting platform in the theater is roughly as follows:

(1) The main lifting platform arranged in the main

performance area of the stage is mainly used for rapid

change of scenery.In a typical stage of a song or dance

theater arranged in the shape of “pin”, the lifting platform

and the side car platform and the rear car turntable are

used for the rapid transformation of the whole stage or

part of the scene.This arrangement allows for quick

transitions between three full sets.

(2) meet the needs of the process equipment layout in the

stage in the song of the “product” glyph layout, operan

stage, the main stage forward, backward, left and right

side of the lifting platform often decorate auxiliary lifting

platform, side, auxiliary lifting platform for side of the car

after the Taiwan and smooth after car turntable, former

auxiliary lifting platform is used to put after the car

turntable in the position near the entablature.And in the

side of the platform and after the car turntable below the

flat lifting platform, can be in the side of the platform or

after the car turntable out after the table will be flat, so

that the whole table does not appear height difference, in

order to ensure the safety of actors and actresses.

(3) to meet the needs of stage design and drama director

in different plays, according to the stage design and

director requirements, can be used to change the height of

the lifting platform to change the shape of the stage, to

adapt to the story set or site requirements, in order to

save the cost of manpower, material resources.Using the

tilting device of the elevating platform to form a tilting

table, it can show better perspective effect in various


(4) according to the needs of the plot, create a special

atmosphere and effect from the day of the appearance of

stage machinery even the simplest stage machinery, often

participate in performance activities, according to the

needs of the plot, create a number of unexpected

atmosphere and effect.For example, the low-speed

descent of the lifting platform is used to show the wreck of

the sea, and the valve of the lifting platform and the actor

lifting platform are used to show the sudden

disappearance and appearance of personnel.

(5) according to the requirements of different

performance genre, the change stage, for example, in the

form of using the picture frame type orchestra pit lifting

platform on stage with big lips thrust stage, even in the

experimental theater, use of lifting platform can make the

theater with end stage, thrust stage, island type stage,

intermediate stage, T stage, or the hall, and other forms.

(6) use the lifting platform as a storage performance with

the platform blanket, soft landscape, and other tools in

some theaters, in the appropriate position of the stage has

a permanent lifting platform for the platform blanket, soft

landscape film storage.

(7)  use lift platform to serve as the tool that carries goods

vertically the advocate stage hind of a lot of theaters or

the end of side stage, have set container to carry lift

platform, use at the ground to carry goods from the

ground to some designation position even stage

plane.Orchestra pit lift platform is often used to transport

movable seats and so on.


升降 舞台


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