/ICTC TRUSS/The Durable SB350*350mm bolts truss to hang LED screen

​All of our management is according to ISO9001-2015 quality control system,all of our products must be strictly checked by our QC and engineer before delivered to customers.

The SB350*350mm bolts truss is designed as light duty truss system with mainly decorative funtion

1. Material: Aluminum alloy 6082-T6/6061-T6

2. Connections: Spigot

3. Color: Black, Red, Blue, Gray, etc. Customized available

4. Shape: Triangle Truss, Square Truss, Arch Truss and Round truss

5. Truss unit length: Straight truss 1-4m,customized

6. Truss size: Light duty truss        100*100mm,220*220mm,290*290mm

                      Medium duty truss       300*300mm,390*390mm,400*400mm,450*450mm 

                      Heavy duty truss       500*600mm,600*700mm,600*900mm,670*1010mm 

7. Feature: Non rust, light weight, strong, easy to set up and remove

8. Certificate: TUV,SGS,ISO,CE

9. Application: Roof truss system, Concert truss, Event truss, Fashion show light truss, Auto Show lighting truss, LED screen truss, Speaker truss, Exhibition booth truss, Staging truss, Lighting truss, etc. 

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We can design all kind of TRUSS

We have spigot truss and screw truss and other aluminum accessories, according to the loading capatity truss can be classified heavy duty exhibition truss, medium duty exhibition truss and light duty medium exhibition truss.

All kinds of truss can be retread and reused, because it has high corrosion resistance, non-toxic with high technical welder and good quality of alloy Al-aluminum tube, resonable price can help you save the expenditure

The main characteristic is using of easy, quick buliding, stronger loading capacity, which is mainly used for movable performence stage, ceremonies, the indoor exhibition, planes, the studio, hanging lights, product fairs, exhibition halls display, and other structures need to meet a variety of projects.

We can design diverse shapes to hang audios, speakers, lights and so on.


Tell us your requirements, Customized size are available according to your  requirements !!!

1. What is the width,depth and height of the truss(stage) you want?

2. What connection type you want,spigot type or bolt(screw) type?

3. What is the weight you will hang on the truss?

Detail quotation will be prepared as soon as receiving your detail information. 

Instruction For Installation 

Step 1: Put the base on the ground according to the dimention of the truss.

Step 2:Install the hinge on the base.

Step 3:Put the hinge into the sleeve.

Step 4:Make the pillar connect with the hinge ,put the top of the pillar on the ground ,then install the top section and the hand chain hoist .

Step 5:Complete all pillars according to above steps.

Step 6: The cross beams are connected to the sleeve which form the top shape.

Step 7: The belt is tied the beam and then hung on the hoist .

Step 8:Pulling the hoists at the same time , making the beams balanced rise.

Step 9: Install the assist legs.

Step 10: Disassembly in reverse order .



Thanks for the efforts of our skillful workers, included profession design and responsible QC team, making us keep very good product quality, quickly new products undate and stable products supply. We have established long-term business relations with different countries around the world. We do have the confidence to provide our clients the latest products with high quality, competitive price and fast delivery. related product Successful Project certificate Why Choose ICTC : Beside, we not only has most production worker who are very cautious and conscientious, but also has advanced equipment, strong technical force, experienced professional team, we can be the fastest, best quality of products to meet customer needs from mold design, development, manufacturing and production, so we get the trust and enjoy the good reputation from the government and all people are from different field of the society. In addition, we implemented and executed a series of the quality, safety and environmental management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to operate. Nowadays, ICTC was gained highly laurels and the ratification by the domestic and international quality certification’s institution, such as TUV SUD Certificated Organization. ICTC has also become a member of China Entertainment Association, the Chamber of Guangdong Commerce and Chinese Stage & Art Association.   Successful Project our factory

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