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The crowd fencing can be seen everywhere in our life. ICTC’s aluminum crowd fencing are mainly used for the protection equipment and facilities in the large-scale activities,such as concerts, public places and other occasions for protect the audience.


All of audience would like to go front to enjoy the performance of the amusing show. So it is very dangerous to the actor and the work staff. It’s difficult to keep order just by man, so we design this fencing to separate the audience from the acting area.

▲ Product’s Technical Parameters:

(1)Material:Aluminum 6082-T6



fashionable appearance,easy assembly and disassembly, sturdy and durable,foldable,transport and storage easily.


separate the audience from the acting area.

skidproof grain on the footboard and square aluminum tube to support the flapper.To some extent,it’s crashproof and steady.

▲ ICTC barriers are suitable for different sorts of events like concert ,product launch , shows, political meetings , all outdoor or indoor events with a large of audience .They not only offer operating space for workers and security guards, but also a safe and comfortable area for audience.

▲It’s made of aluminum ,usually the flapper thickness is 1.5–2mm. The thickness and size can be customizable.

▲Our product is made of 6082-T6 hight quality aluminum with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,and it has a good appearance, high grade and easy maintenance.

 ▲The durable foading crowd fencing for Certificate of Utility Model Patent, which can use in the concert ,performances or exhibitions ,and it is very applicable and reliable for different events.

Guangzhou ICTC Infinity Case And Truss Co,. Ltd. is a leading exporter in China for 16years . As one of the biggest stage and truss factory in China for 16 years, we can supply high quality performance products such as: aluminum truss, protable stage, fligh case , cable protector, crowd control barrier , work tower , bar chair and desk  , hoist , power case  and so on . All products with approved ISO9001 and German TUV etc.Our advantages are quick delivery, discount price, high quality and one  years quality guarantee service to our customers. If you are a distributor or dealer, please ask about our program to get a better strategy for your company. We have a close relationship with shipping company and can supply mixed product shipping if necessary and low shipping cost. 21

Why Choose ICTC : Beside, we not only has most production worker who are very cautious and conscientious, but also has advanced equipment, strong technical force, experienced professional team, we can be the fastest, best quality of products to meet customer needs from mold design, development, manufacturing and production, so we get the trust and enjoy the good reputation from the government and all people are from different field of the society. In addition, we implemented and executed a series of the quality, safety and environmental management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to operate. Nowadays, ICTC was gained highly laurels and the ratification by the domestic and international quality certification’s institution, such as TUV SUD Certificated Organization. ICTC has also become a member of China Entertainment Association, the Chamber of Guangdong Commerce and Chinese Stage & Art Association.

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