[ICTC TRUSS]Certificate of Utility Model Petent for Retractable Bleachers

The patent for utility model which is known as the object of patent, protection object of patent law, refers to the utility model for patent  accordance with the law.Utility model usually refers to the shape, structure, or their combination for products to put forward the new technical proposal , it is suitable for practical.The state protection for utility model which purpose is encourage the low cost, short development cycle of small invention creation and adapt to the economic of development.

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This utility model of the  telescopic bleachers is so useful for halls, theaters, cultural or sports venues  , operation convenient and protable ect.

A utility model is an intellectual property right to protect inventions. In general, compared with patents, utility model systems require compliance with less stringent requirements ,have simpler procedures and offer shorter term of protection. Designed primarily to respond to the needs of local innovators, requirements and procedures for obtaining protection and the duration of protection vary from one country to another.

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Post time: Oct-19-2018
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