/ICTC TRUSS/ The High-strength Layer Truss Match the Glass Stage


(▲There is the case of the “School Party”Activity)

There are the parts of layer truss’s accessories as the piecture show.


▲ICTC’s layer truss is the base for oblique support, horizontal tube and post the basic four parts to form a collocation, with these parts, you can construct whatever effect you want at anywhere. 

 ▲ICTC’s  layer truss are galvanized processing and high-loading.It is suitable for the concert background, meeting, exhibition, special decoration stage, very beautiful atmosphere.


ICTC’s layer truss is widely used in the school,exhibition,concern, because of its strong, safe, pollution-free, rust proof and other advantages.
Good apperance and durable iron glass stage


(▲There is the case of the “School Party”Activity)

ICTC’s glass stage use of the exquisite craft, which the font is mirror effect, and the base with no fold, no juncture, all riveting the firmware is not visible.


(▲The products were showed on the expo.)
ICTC‘s stage has good pervious to light performance, less light source products, save electricity, reduce the cost.ICTC’s aluminum stage is constructed without any tools but our hands,which is very easy .Compared with the steel stage , it is more beautiful and lighter .


Our stage which board  is coated with high concentration of uv absorber, metal base spraying paint acrylic imported cars with high transparency, insurable weather for a long time, never fade, can use for 5 ~ 8 years.
Why Choose ICTC : Beside, we not only has most production worker who are very cautious and conscientious, but also has advanced equipment, strong technical force, experienced professional team, we can be the fastest, best quality of products to meet customer needs from mold design, development, manufacturing and production, so we get the trust and enjoy the good reputation from the government and all people are from different field of the society. In addition, we implemented and executed a series of the quality, safety and environmental management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to operate. Nowadays, ICTC was gained highly laurels and the ratification by the domestic and international quality certification’s institution, such as TUV SUD Certificated Organization. ICTC has also become a member of China Entertainment Association, the Chamber of Guangdong Commerce and Chinese Stage & Art Association.

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