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In many professional opera house, dance theatre and drama theatre, are equipped with a large number of various types of lifting platform. Even in some drama which focus on revolving stage, inside also have different sizes of the lifting platform or lifting block.


Moving Load:250kg/m2

Static Load:300kg/m2,


Hydraulic lifting stage is one of the most widely used equipment in the stage machinery.It can not only lifting but also rotating,which can strengthen the effect of performance


It can rise and fall at a speed of 0.1 to 0.5 meter per second.

The lifting stage can be customized according to your requirements.


The feature of the lifting stage:

1.It can adapt to the high frequency continuous operation,for it’s structure i s compact and stable,

2.The height is stable while lifting, which can carry the large-tonnage goods lifting smoothly.

3.To ensure the safety of operation, it’s equipped with overload safety protection of the hydraulic system.

‍4.Stage usually consists of one or more of the platform structure, tough hydraulic pump drive can up and down or stop in any height by travel switch or control button.


ICTC’s lifting stage platform can be adapted to the synagogue, cinemas, theaters, multi-function hall, studio, culture and sports venues, hotels, and other cultural entertainment.


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Why Choose ICTC :

Beside, we not only has most production worker who are very cautious and conscientious, but also has advanced equipment, strong technical force, experienced professional team, we can be the fastest, best quality of products to meet customer needs from mold design, development, manufacturing and production, so we get the trust and enjoy the good reputation from the government and all people are from different field of the society. In addition, we implemented and executed a series of the quality, safety and environmental management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system to operate. Nowadays, ICTC was gained highly laurels and the ratification by the domestic and international quality certification’s institution, such as TUV SUD Certificated Organization. ICTC has also become a member of China Entertainment Association, the Chamber of Guangdong Commerce and Chinese Stage & Art Association.






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