{ICTC TRUSS} Aluminum Cable Flight Case for Music Instrument

Aluminum Flight Case


All kinds of concerts and parties are accompanied by lights,  audio, tools and other equipment.  It is inevitable that the simple wooden boxes or cartons will be damaged during transportation.



Our flight case’s the edge with certain thickness and strength of the aluminum alloy materials package edge, all parts surface plating is waterproof and fireproof, anti-rust sealing very good for shock and convevient transporting. 


Our flight case is use of certain thickness and strength aluminum , and every Angle of spherical metal with a high strength, it is not only beautiful but also security firm.We have varous materials and designs of case for you to choose,and offer full well service. 


Our flight case quality is very good of aviation aluminum,which surface is 1 mm + 9 mm fire prevention board . It is made of Flight cass’s plate of good quality and the color can as request .93

This case can ues to hold light,tools, cables,and other equipment ,which is very convenience and it can make your production light more more slap-up if you put them on this flight case.and it is very popular and salability in the market.




Post time: Apr-15-2019
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