【ICTC TRUSS】The Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show

Event: China Airshow
Date: 6 – 11 November 2018
Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong
Participation: Holland Pavilio


Watching The worlds Top Flight Show From the First Angle of View.


ICTC is a great pleasure to participate in the Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show .


Airshow China is the only international aerospace trade show approved by the State Council that takes place biennially in Zhuhai.

It features the display of real-size products, trade talks, technological exchange and flying display.

1996, the Show has been successfully held for 10 sessions and has become one of the most famous airshows in the world.

It is a gateway for international aviation and aerospace enterprises to showcase the latest technology and products in the fast-growing Chinese market.

In addition, with the expansion of the ground equipment dynamic demonstration area, the air ground equipment dynamic demonstration content more rich.There are more than 30 types of air-equipment,which  will be to climb the longitudinal slope, wading pool, serpentine maneuvering performance, and other projects.On the basis of the above project performance at the same time,it is  into the tactical weapon shooting, basic, equipment roll-up subject training scene demonstration, such as the air flight performance and ground dynamic demonstration photograph reflect, bring the audience a visual feast.

During the air show, aerospace peak BBS, promoting China’s defence themes, theme activities such as exhibitors fraternity, show the organizers and exhibitors at home and abroad will also individually or jointly hold major projects signing ceremony, the new product launch, market forecast, “one by one” business seminars and other professional events, is expected to total about 150 field.


[ The Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show 's Indoor Exhibition Area(No.1-8 exhibition hall)]



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1. The truss is made of aluminum with high hardness. material: 6082-T6.

2. Beautiful appearance and durable.

3. Assemble the accurate positioning, simple.

4. It is suitable for all kind of indoor and outdoor performances.

5. We can manufacture the dimension as your requirement.

6. Reasonable price.

7. OEM/ODM is welcome.


[ The Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show 's Outdoor Exhibition Area(Air Stop Area - Dynamic Demo Area)]



  [ The Twelfth Zhuhai Air Show 's Public programs(On November 9 to 11)]




Company Information


Guangzhou ICTC Infinity Case And Truss Co,. Ltd. is a leading exporter in China for 14years . As one of the biggest stage and truss factory in China for 14 years, we can supply high quality performance products such as: aluminum truss, protable stage, fligh case , cable protector, crowd control barrier , work tower , bar chair and desk  , hoist , power case  and so on . All products with approved ISO9001 and German TUV etc.
Our advantages are quick delivery, discount price, high quality and one  years quality guarantee service to our customers. If you are a distributor or dealer, please ask about our program to get a better strategy for your company. We have a close relationship with shipping company and can supply mixed product shipping if necessary and low shipping cost.

Thanks for the efforts of our skillful workers, included profession design and responsible QC team, making us keep very good product quality, quickly new products undate and stable products supply. We have established long-term business relations with different countries around the world. We do have the confidence to provide our clients the latest products with high quality, competitive price and fast delivery.

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