【ICTC TRUSS】The 16th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibiytion

The highly anticipated international automobile exhibition of 2018 the 16th Guangzhou auto show which was held on 16-25 Nov 2018.

This Guangzhou international automobile show exhibition is attracted more than 120 international auto brand to attended, each manufacturers with luxury car brand on the auto show.ICTC was feel honored and privileged to participate in the 16th Guangzhou Internationale Automobile Exhibition.


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ICTC was feel honored and privileged to participate in the activities of the matter for this auto show, I’m glad to build activity stage, lighting and other facilities equipment and so on for each big car brands such as  CHERY ,Aston·Martin , KSO ,ect .


ICTC ‘s aluminum truss is highly successful in the  medium and large outdoor or indoor venue,such as concert,exhibition,ect.


ICTC truss is welded by Aluminum 6082-T6 which is international standard top-quality flight material and the workmanship can reach international standard welding .


All kinds of truss can be retread and reused, because it has high corrosion resistance, non-toxic with high technical welder and good quality of alloy Al-aluminum tube, resonable price can help you save the expenditure


We can design diverse shapes to hang audios, speakers, lights and so on.



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▲We have spigot truss and screw truss and other aluminum accessories, according to the loading capatity truss can be classified heavy duty exhibition truss, medium duty exhibition truss and light duty medium exhibition truss.

▲We have developed High coefficient of production, quick installation and easy to transport Aluminum Alloy truss through communication with foreign professional buyers and feedback on our products from customers. We have outstanding team, prefect managements system, high-precious welding platform as well as other process equipment.

Post time: Nov-17-2018
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