【ICTC TRUSS】Review the 2019 New Year’s Concert

Zhejiang TV, leading 2019 concert completely ended on December 30, ICTC have involved and the truss carry back , today ,pls let us  review  this 2018 to 2019 New Year’s concert together.微信图片_201812300838404 微信图片_201901070908211

The big party of Zhejiang satellite TV  concert  ,which is need very high requirement of the quality of music, so New Year’s party invited Li, Lin jun jie, Hu, Zhang liangying, Tan weiwei, such as great singer, and showed a lavish audio-visual feast.微信图片_201901070908212 微信图片_201901070908213 微信图片_201901070908214 微信图片_201812300838391 微信图片_201901070908215 微信图片_201901070908217 微信图片_201901070908218

ICTC Layer truss as known as the background, universal, since it has the characteristics of the infinite extension, the height is adjustable, wide range of user, can be used for the liquid working platform, hang acoustics, the background, the surface light, follow spot, etc.微信图片_2018123008384011 微信图片_2018123008384012

 ICTC ‘s truss which main characteristic is using of easy, quick buliding, stronger loading capacity, which is mainly used for movable performence stage, ceremonies, the indoor exhibition, planes, the studio, hanging lights, product fairs, exhibition halls display, and other structures need to meet a variety of projects.

We can design diverse shapes to hang audios, speakers, lights and so on.

Guangzhou ICTC Infinity Case And Truss Co,. Ltd. is a leading exporter in China for 16years . As one of the biggest stage and truss factory in China for 16 years, we can supply high quality performance products such as: aluminum truss, protable stage, fligh case , cable protector, crowd control barrier , work tower , bar chair and desk  , hoist , power case  and so on . All products with approved ISO9001 and German TUV etc.


Post time: Jan-10-2019
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