【ICTC TRUSS】Foldable truss FN1000x580 loading tset

ICTC TRUSS always believe that bright future comes from excellent quality.The security and funtionality of the product is the core of our design philosophy. All of our management is according to ISO9001 quality control system.We promise to give our clients the best quality ,that’s why we check and test every new product before we launch it to the market.


FN1000*580,Span of 31m and 40m

Main tube is ∅60X6mm

Sub-main tube is ∅50X3mm,

Brace is ∅32X2mm


Firstly,we set up the sample truss and recorded the original data,then placed some certain weight of weights on the truss. After 20 minute’s standing,we re-recorded the data.Accoring to the analysis and information,we can estimated whether it reached the requirment of technology or not.








when the span is 40m, the central point load is 578KG, and the deflection is 130mm

8 9


when the span is 40m, the distributed load is 1142KG, and the deflection is 160mm



when the span is 31m, the central point load is 900KG, and the deflection is 90mm




when the span is 31m, the distributed load is 1800KG, and the deflection is 120mm


The normal length of each pc is 1m-3m,which can be stretched to 40m with a max load of 1.14ton.

The size of this foldable truss is FN1000*580,not only nice-looking,but also has large loading capaticy,the most important thing is it can save a lot of transporatation cost and storage space.


After rigorous testing,we comfirmed this foldable truss has reached the technical requirement,which is no problem on quality.For the success of this test,it’s not only a affirmation but also a motivation to us.

To provide customers with security and confidence,we will do well in every product as always.

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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