【ICTC TRUSS】Aluminum Five Point Star Truss For Concert

In the practices of truss design , our designers can design circular trusses , curved trusses and arched trusses . These arched trusses are manufactured with a high degree of accuracy , which ensures a perfect fit with no distortion.

Circular and curved trusses are manufactured in different diameters or degrees . If you want to order a complete circular truss , you should indicase the amount of cutting divides the circular into several segments , but each segment should not be longer than 4m.

Today pls let us introduce the five star truss:

KKMARK-6- ive

All kinds of truss can be retread and reused, because it has high corrosion resistance, non-toxic with high technical welder and good quality of alloy Al-aluminum tube, resonable price can help you save the expenditure.

全球 副本

1.The five star truss is mainly used for movable performence stage, ceremonies, the exhibition,concert, planes, the studio,  product fairs, exhibition halls display, and other structures need to meet a variety of projects.


2.ICTC truss which is  suitable to use for hanging LED display,speakers,lights , audio, curtain, decorative and so on.

全 副本 副本

3.The common character of this five star truss is that it is connected by spigot , which is faster and more convenient . This series is widely applied in the western countries.

全球搜 本

4.ICTC truss is welded by Aluminum 6082-T6 which is international standard top-quality material and the workmanship can reach international standard welding .Has passed load test and can make sure the quality and safety load in hanging.


▲5.All kinds of truss can be retread and reused,ICTC ‘s truss which main characteristic is using of easy, quick buliding, stronger loading capacity.


6.ICTC can design different irregular  shape truss ,such as triangle ,square,circle ,ellipse,hexagon,ect.


Guangzhou ICTC Infinity Case And Truss Co,. Ltd. is a leading exporter in China for 14years . As one of the biggest stage and truss factory in China for 14 years, we can supply high quality performance products such as: aluminum truss, protable stage, fligh case , cable protector, crowd control barrier , work tower , bar chair and desk  , hoist , power case  and so on . All products with approved ISO9001 and German TUV etc.


Post time: Nov-26-2018
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