• Guangdong kolega industrije i trgovine večernjoj zabavi

    Guangdong kolega industrije i trgovine večernjoj zabavi

  • IKT centara aluminija truss stvoriti Chen Chusheng e koncert u Pekingu

    IKT centara aluminija truss stvoriti Chen Chusheng e koncert u Pekingu

  • ICTC 2015 RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook Concert of Guangzhou

    ICTC 2015 RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook Concert of Guangzhou

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Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD  founded in 2003, the factory is located in guangzhou, the forefront of reform and opening-up, the main national life rich performance equipment industry, product range covers aluminum alloy lamp, flight case, moving stage, stand and tent etc., in the country’s reform and opening up policy and the party committees and governments at all levels and the social from all walks of life, under the care, support and help of guangzhou  Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD as spring breeze, like a duck to water, business development by leaps and bounds, remained more than 30% a year growth in recent years the development speed. Nowadays, the comprehensive strength of Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD  ranks among the top five in China’s performance industry.2


Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD have many marketing point in all parts of the country, the total number of employees nearly 300 people, at the same time also has more than 30000 square meters factory area, and has “HUAWEI”, “ICTC” two brands, according to the market authority statistics show that the company’s products the market share of the market share in the fifth, guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD has developed into a representative performing industry pioneer, under its own brand name and the government and the social from all walks of life widespread recognition and trust.In 2008, Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD stood out from many competitors and was honored to be the designated brand of aluminum alloy lamp stand and stage purchased for 18 districts of Beijing in order to enrich the life of tourists and people from all over the world during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


The company implements modern enterprise system, strict management technology, adhere to the principle of people-oriented, leading technology, adhering to the credibility of the same quality, customer first business purposes, to promote product development, quality to win the market management policy.The company has been strictly operating ISO9001 quality management system since the beginning of the establishment of the factory, strictly controlling product quality and standardizing management work, providing reliable guarantee for the production of high-quality products. Therefore, we have obtained TUV certification of sud since 2005.

The company has advanced equipment, strong technical force, rich experience of professional production personnel, from mold design, development, manufacturing to product production, can meet the needs of customers with fast speed, excellent product quality.Since the establishment of the company has been adhering to the “excellent quality, to provide customers with the quality of products.In recent years, under the trust and support of new and old customers, the company’s performance has been growing. We know very well that our achievements and development come from the understanding and support of every customer and customer friend.We believe that in the future, the company and all customers and friends will continue to grow together, our service will continue to improve.We hope that through our integrity and efforts, at a higher level, to create more and greater value for our customers and friends, mutual benefit, to a win-win situation.

Enterprises always adhere to the integrity of management, according to the chapter tax management principles, enthusiastic support for social welfare undertakings, this year’s national earthquake in sichuan the company actively organize employees to contribute to the society, collect goods and cash several, at the same time the company also actively participate in various educational activities.

With the core values of “sense of responsibility” and “establish integrity, quality, authenticity, priority and responsibility”, with the historical mission of “be special and strong, revitalize national enterprises”, and the long-term goal of “create a world famous brand, do a hundred years of work”.Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD,  is committed to the industry to serve the country, revitalize China, and serve the country and the nation.

Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD determined to “don’t do follower, leader to do” ambition, with domestic leading level and international advanced level as competitive benchmarking, take the market marketing and the independent innovation as the forerunner, achieve the leading concept, marketing, research and development, production lead, culture, and lead the national enterprise and national brands do specifically to do strongly does, win honor for our country, for the people, to provide consumers with better quality, more environmentally friendly, more value-added, rich products more in line with the safety of the masses of consumer demand, to achieve “a world famous brand, do best time wines” and the construction of socialist economy with Chinese characteristics to strive for,to build a harmonious socialist society to make greater contributions.Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD has successively cooperated with yunnan hong group, chongqing acrobatic troupe, jiangsu performing arts group, xxijiang xiao baihua yue troupe, chongqing jiangnan gymnasium, quanzhou art museum, chongqing TV station, Hong Kong’s booth music company, Manila’s KONLIN company, South Korea’s VISION, Spain’s GRUP VIADA, Germany’s NEMATEC DISPLAY FACTORY, Indonesia’s pt. TOTAL PRODUCTIONS and Colombia’s SHOCK PRODUCTIONES.CHARTER HOUSE in Ghana, AUDIO HOUSE in dubai and so on.


In the future development, Guangzhou Infinity Case and Truss Co., LTD will take the long-term development strategic vision, implement the diversified management mode, strive to expand the domestic market, and take creating the warm, harmonious and enterprising enterprise culture as the common goal of all the employees of the company.





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